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Simulating Flotation and Displacement

Question asked by Gabriel Massano on Aug 19, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by Gabriel Massano

Hi all. I'm searching for a way to simulate flotation of objects (i.e. a boat floating on water).

This software made this but unfortunately it seems to be discontinued:

Tutorial youtube:

Yuri Dumchicov


So I wonder if there is something similar in SolidWorks and/or SW Simulation. The process is easy to understand but seems to be hard to program, as I can't find any software doing what Mr. Dumchicov's "Displacement" software do:

Object submerges until underwater volume weight (displaced water) equals object's weight, then it will turn until his Gravity Center gets vertically aligned with the Centroide of the submerged volume. When rotating, weight of underwater volume mast always equals object's weight, so many iterations are needed. That's all.

Dynamic drag of weights into object's volume, modifyies object's Center of Gravity position allowing to interactively correct boat's balance (this is the easy part).


This simple application could have a strong  impact on naval design.


I will appreciate any comments to this thread