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Creating Shortcuts with Windows 7

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Aug 19, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by Tim Read

Most of our machines are running XP.  Two of them were just recently upgraded to Windows 7 with the rest scheduled to be updated shortly.  We noticed that you can't create a short cut with in the vault like you can on XP.  We would just right click and send to desktop as a short cut and a short cut would appear.  This doesn't work with windows 7 inside the vault, outside of the vault it works fine.


We were told that now you have to go to the file or folder in the vault and then right click on the folder/file and select 'copy as path' and then go to your desk top, right click, new, shortcut, and then paste the path here.  This works but appears to be a work around and not actually fixes the problem.


Does anyone know anything about this?  Is it a bug that needs to be fixing?