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Look up parts in PDM more than 1 @ time

Question asked by James Imes on Aug 19, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2011 by James Imes

We have migrated a huge amount of legacy data that is not 3D SolidWorks into PDM & there'll be no

time or resource for converting these but still need them into BOM's.  Going to use paste as ref to

BOM in PDM like virtuals so that PDM has all need build parts in the BOM.


Problem is there can be hundreds that need to be looked up, copied & then pasted as referance to

the parent assy & this will be time consuming so need to know if anyone has a routine or has been

able to get PDM to look up multiple parts in one search, maybe using a "feed sheet" such as an

Excel list.


Would greatly appreciate any experience that others may have had in this area