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SWTaskAddin General Task User Interface

Question asked by Adam Lanners on Aug 18, 2011

I am trying to leverage the SWTaskAddin to perform batching on selected EPDM files as mentioned in the programmer's reference guide (see using the standard add-in). I have the task user interface type set to "general" and edited the script to perform the required automation in SolidWorks. The problem I am running into is two-fold:


1. If I look at the task details during while the task is running I am able to see the selected files.


                                   (While task is running)


After the task completes and I look at the details tab the selected files screen is blank.


                                   (after task completes)


I would really like to be able to audit the task that ran and see which files were selected.


2. I am writing to a log file similar to the convert and print tasks. However, the log file only shows up locally on the computer that performed the task. If I change the interface type to print or convert I can get it to place the log file in the vault checked-in using the same script.


Has anyone else seen this behavior while using the SWTaskAddIn? I'm thinking its a bug within SWTaskAddIn and I would be better off just writing my own add-in that can be called from a task.


Thought I'd throw this out and see what people have found.