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Question asked by Emmett Sjoberg on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by Bernie Daraz

I have a problem trying to get the correct amount of

relief in a box so that when formed up it's not binding.

The box is 6.0 x 6.0 with 1.0" ouside flanges. 11 ga hrs (.119).

First I tried making the box with a base,then edge flanges.

When unfolded it ends up about .105" to short for forming.

I should mention that I'm using .125" radius. If it was thinner

material this wouldn't be a problem. The second way I tried

extruding a blank to 1.0" ,shell it to .119" then rip the corners.

Add sheetmetal and when this unfolds it's also comes up short.

I'm using a .259 Bend allowance. Any thoughts on this for relief

cuts. I tried tear,rectangle, and obround which you'll see that they

don't work. I did try the 3rd way by creating a blank 6x6 converting

to sheetmetal with the .119" thickness and what edge flanges with

.010" gap. This when unfolded did come out correct but way to much

relief for welding. Closed corner doesn't work. Any suggestions ???

Still waiting from tech support.....