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No longer recognises parts as sldwrks parts after rename in PDM

Question asked by Oliver Claydon on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2011 by Oliver Claydon

Here's whats happened;


I've had to change the names of many parts in the vault for a particular assembly as the names were in French and I needed them as part numbers. To change the name I right clicked the part, took ownership, right clicked and renamed them individually. I confirmed 'yes' on the warning message that came up about keeping references. All looked good and worked fine in the PDM.


However, when I loaded the document out of PDM back onto the computer (choosing to overwrite all documents) it loaded the original French names in the design tree. So I tried closed the assembly and deleted all the files from my 'SolidWorks working folder' and removed them from the recycle bin. I then reloaded the assembly from the vault and the same thing was happening. I decided to try to open a part from the assembly individually. The part opened with the new part number name (not the old French name) and asked if I wanted to run the feature expert on it, if I click 'no' then it only recognises the surface of the part and the material, if I click 'yes' it then recognises some of the features but looses the material and the properties.


Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone know why this might happen? Most of all does anyone have a solution?