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Help understanding PDMW checkin behavior during status change

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Aug 17, 2011

I am using SW2011 with SP3.


We adopted using the Lifecycle capability in PDMWorkgroup a while back and I have some behavior questions.


Our Revision / Lifecycle scheme is pretty standard:


Status: In Development          Revisions: Numeric (-, 01, 02, 03,... 99)

Status: Released                   Revisions: Alpha (A, B, C, ...Z) with the expected ones skipped that look similar to numbers.

Status: Obsolete                    Revision: Whatever the revision of the file just prior to becoming obsolete.


I have our vault admin set so that I can select the status in the vault checkin dialog. However, I notice that if I set the file status to Released via the property tab builder (gives me a nice drop down list to choose from), and I manually set the Revision to A in the custom properties dialog, when the vault checkin dialog appears, the status and revision do not match the custom properties in the file that I have just updated as outlined at the beginning of this really long sentence. So I am performing a redundant task by having to set the status and revision again in the checkin dialog. An additional behavior I notice is that when I set the status to Released in the checkin dialog, I cannot change the revision of that particular file to alpha without getting the error message that my status/revisions are not allowed.


Am I correct in assuming that the checkin dialog gets its status and revision information from the existing files in the vault? And am I correct in assuming that the checkin dialog is evaluating my "A" revision against the status of the current file in the vault and not the status I have just selected in the dialog (which would of course not match since the file in the vault is "In Development")?


None of these are errors or show stoppers. I am always on the hunt to reduce redundancies and eliminate a few mouse click.


With that in mind, if I do NOT update the revision and status custom properties in the file I am about to check into the vault and instead only set those value to Released/A once the checkin dialog opens, will those updated properties be fed into the file on its way to the vault? And will they be fed into my locally stored copy at the same time? Or will my file status icons discover the mismatch and turn RED?


Thanks, Daen