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    Create Serial Number Format by using EPDM Data Card Variables

    Wade Cornia

      I am trying to create a Serial Number format that would utilize a variable value on a file or folder data card.  I have gone through the admin guide were it mentions a Serial Number add-in which I was hoping would allow me to do more custom Serial Number formats using existing variables within EPDM.  The add-in code provided is specific to values in the code and doesn't give you the option to chose EPDM variable values.  Does anyone have any information on how I could possible get this to work without having custom code being written?  For example: Day, two digits Month, two digits Year, two digits User's Initials Next sequential Number (170811WC01)

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          Faur Arama

          I think that you want is not a serial number as is defined in EPDM. You need a variable and it's value is concatenation of other variables from data card. You can use for that the "input formula" option (see attached image). There are some limitations, one is thar the user must make a modification on fields (variable value) that are part of concatenation. He must do that even those variables have a default value.Image 2.png

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            Tim Read

            It is possible for you to create the three components using standard functionality and set them to three variables on the data card (they can be hidden on a tab page that is controlled by group e.g. Administrators) then use a Dispatch script triggered on "During add" that concatenates them and set them to whatever datacard variable you want.


            I just quickly tried out a Disptach script to do this and it works but only if you set the trigger to "Check out - Before Checkout action". You would probably want to make sure it only runs on each file once (rules in the Dispatch script).


            Serial Numbers:

            "Date": Serial Number from String: Day(2)Month(2)Year(2)

            "Number": Serial Number from String: Counter-02 (if it gets to 99 then the next number is 100)


            On the Data Card create three Read Only Edit boxes linked to variables:

            Date: Serial number:"Date"

            Number: Serial number:"Number"

            Initials: Special Value:"User - Initials"


            Dispatch Script:

            Create temporary variables that reads the three variables from the data card

            Create another temporary variable that concatenates the first three

            Set the "serial number" on the data card to the concatenated variable.


            Make sure you set the Dispatch script "For all documents"


            Good luck!