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Mold line dimensions in Sheet Metal drawings.....

Question asked by Jeff Davis on Aug 17, 2011


This is a work around for creating Simi parametric Mold Line Dimensions for a flat pattern drawing. (This does not work with "K" factors but does for Bend deduction)


1. Using ordinate dimensions that have broken alignment and hidden dimension lines, I place the dimension along with the bend note tag.

2. Depending on location I turn on the bend note tag leader line. ( my bend note file has the <bend-radius> tag commented out, I add it back when a part has multiple radius.)

Center of bend.JPG

3. This should be all I need but alas I have old school people I need to appease, so here comes the lame part. Lame because the dimension itself is parametric but the method is not.


4. To add Mold lines, add a limit tolerance of half your bend deduction value. So far this can't be linked to an equation. You can enter it as math in the tolerance field i.e. (.162/2) and it will calculate it when you exit the dimension properties.

Mold lines-2.JPGMold lines-1.JPG


5. Caution!!! because the limit values work fine for Vertical Ordinate Dimensions but have to be inverted for the Horizontal ones.


Mold lines-3.JPG

6. To do this type a negative # in the positive field and the positive sign in the negative field. (Lame I know!)

Mold lines-5.JPGMold lines-4.JPG


Let me reiterate that I'm no longer using this method because I've finally convinced the shop that the center of bend is our new standard.


From the trenches,