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Drawing description does not update when desc changed in part

Question asked by Kris Rowlands on Aug 17, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by Kris Rowlands

I have been using WIndows Explorer to update the descriptions on a part/assy when I want to change them. In Win 7 and Vista, when you click on a file, you get the file info in a bottom status bar that will allow you change several fields.


What I've noticed, is that when you have a link through PropMgr to the drawing that states "Model in view specified in sheet properties", and you use "Description" in the drop down, the description does NOT update when the description is changed using Windows Explorer.


So............two questions:


  • Is there a way to update the description of a part/assy in SW?
  • And if not, and you change in Windows Explorer, why doesn't it update thru PropMgr links on the drawing?


Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.