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Bending stresses in sheet metal

Question asked by Jim Andrews on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by Paul Kellner

Forgive the simple question, but while I am experienced in general structural FEA, I have never analyzed nonlinear sheet metal forms.  I need to assess the fatigue life of a piece of spring steel that will be initially formed into a particular shape, and then cycled around that deformed shape X times over its life.  This is a new one for me. 


Any hints as to how I might approach this in Simulation?  Can shell elements handle such a problem?  I would hope so, but the bending component worries me.  Forget the cylic problem for now -- I'd just like to get a good first crack at the process of plastically deforming a piece of spring steel from a normalized state into a "product" state.  Hints?




jim andrews