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Solidworks Explorer x64?

Question asked by Tim R on Aug 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2011 by Tim Read


Is there still a SW Explorer x64?   I just updated my SW 2011 install to SP4 but it did nothing with SW EXplorer or my pdmworks admin install.. they are still at 1.0. Then I noticed that SW Explorer appears in my task manager with the "32" next to it..  Did there not used to be a 64 bit SW Explorer install?   Did my SW IM have problems locating SWX because its installed as 32 bit?  I decided to download SW EXplorer separately from the free tools section and could only find the 32 bit version which I tried installing and got this:


Error: swinstactsvc.exe returned 1603, continuing...


and then after that same message only it looked like license server file.   Is there a simple way to get SP4 SWX isntalled or am i better to just leave it alone until 2012 is fully released? Since it's working fine now except for the DWG error message and that its stuck at SP1?