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How to map properties/attributes from Titleblock to Teamcenter attributes

Question asked by Gangadhar Siddaiah on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by Shreya Suman



I would like to know is it possible to map "SW Title block attributes to Teamcenter(TCEngg) master form attributes"?.

SWIM.xml provides option to map the SW custom properties to TC attributes.


Below shows how a SW Custom property can be mapped to TC attribute(pdm_name) 

<attribute_map cad_type="sldasm:sldprt">


<cad_name value="PartNumber"/>

<pdm_name value="item_id"/>

<missing_attribute_action value="create"/>

<direction value="pdmtocad"/>



<cad_name value="Weight"/>

<pdm_name value="ItemRevision Master.wgt"/>

<default type="Double">1.0</default>

<direction value="cadtopdm"/>

<truncate value="false">




But I want to map Titleblock properties/attributes to TC directly.


Can it be done ?? if yes ? How can it be done.


Any clue will help me