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Dimensioning Glitch???

Question asked by dink dinkler on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by Kelvin Lamport

So I have been a user of solidworks for many years now and have not come across this issue before nor did I know you could control it... so I am thinking it may be a system glitch?


If you create a new part... sketch a circle... and dimension it...


After the first click on the circle you get a dimension preview until you do a second click.

I dont.

I dont get a dimension preview at all, and the dimension shows up/is placed only after the second click.


This is mildly annoying as I like having the preview.

What is wildly frustrating is this...


So I have placed my dimension and set the final value.


My mouse instead of being a normal mouse cursor, is a mouse icon with a locked right-button.

I havent locked any views, or anything for that matter, to my knowledge.


And when I click elsewhere to try and select something... it tries to place ANOTHER identical and conflicting dimension for that very same object that I dimension.

So then I have to deal with a driving/friven dimension error.


Somebody please help me, I'm going insane.