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BOM Part Numbers

Question asked by David Mandl on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by David Mandl

In design tables, you can set the part number field (as seen in the Bill of Materials Options section of the configuration properties screen).


My company is using DriveWorks for design automation, which means that we have to specify a custom property for any $partnumber variable that we want to show up in the drawing BOM.  We cannot capture the $partnumber property directly, so we set the text equal to a custom property.  (See below for a sample showing how the design table gets set up)

New Picture (4).bmp


This works just fine.  If $PRP:"01 Part Number" = 9999-01, you will see 9999-01 show up in the part number column of the BOM table in the .slddrw file.


There is one problem.  If you look at the configurations tab on the screen shot above, the $PRP command is not evaluating in the assembly/part file.  Notice how the description of the -01 configuration reads -01 [$PRP:"01 PART NUMBER"] instead of evaluating to whatever value has been set for the "01 Part Number" variable.  At first I didn't think anything of it, but there are some interesting consequences when it comes to how these part numbers show up when the files are checked into Enterprise PDM:


New Picture (9).bmp


Is there a reason that the $PRP expression does not evaluate?  Does anyone know if SolidWorks has any SPRs in the works that will give us a different way to link the BOM part number in the configuration properties window to a custom property or a configuration specific property?


On a related note:  in the design table, you write to the BOM Part Number variable using the string $partnumber.  Is there way to recall that variable elsewhere (such as in a custom property)?