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2 identical flexi assemblies cant mate to each other.

Question asked by Darren Marchant on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2011 by Darren Marchant

This is a mating issue between 2 identical flexible assemblies (hydraulic cylinders) and an arm and base with in an assembly.

The arm pivots on the base.

Its movement is controlled by a matched pair hydraulic cylinders.

The cylinders are inserted as flexible assemblies so that the movement can be analysed

The arm is mated concentrically to the pivot on the base

1 cylinder is mated using the eye each end to the arm and base. The movement can now be analysed.


The 2nd cylinder refuses to be mated by the eyes at BOTH ends.

Therefore I cant get the cylinders to operate in tandem inside the model without mate errors.


Attached is an example, with a vid.

In the first part of the vid you will see things working as intended, but try it in the model and you will see mate errors.

Suspress the last mate and the errors go away but the motion is as in the second half of the vid.


Only work around I can see is to put both cylinders inside the same assy but that produces incorrect BOMs.

Any other ideas?


As an added note, this is a set of example files. My real model is way more complicated, much larger and confidential.