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    ACIS (.SAT) Import

    David Martin

      Hi all,


      I am a new user to SolidWorks. I have carried out some analyses in a sperate package and wish to import my geometry to SolidWorks. I have the files in ACIS (.SAT) format but when I attempt to open the file in SolidWorks I encounter the following error:


      Error: Part creation may fail as the bounding box is too small. SAT-out did not complete successfully.

      Context: Record ending on line number 1 OR one of its fields.


      I am pretty new to this and was hoping someone might have some suggestions.


      Many thanks,


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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Dave.


          What is you SW version and SP.  How you're opening/importing the files in SW. While in open file dialog box, after you set the file type to ACIS and then click on options on the RH corner, you'll see some options for importing file. Try to adjust them and check. OR if you can upload the file here, someone might do it for you.


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            Hi David,


            Like Deepak mentions click on the "options" button in the SW open file dialog box. Sounds like the file's units need to be changed in that it is trying to import something that is too small.