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Workgroup PDM: Is it a good time to implement the system?

Question asked by Martin Goulet on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by Jeff Holliday

Hi all,


Until now, I was the only SolidWorks user in my company. I was managing files with windows explorer and the design library. Lately, they hire two new SolidWorks users. Now that we are 3 SolidWorks users, I see the need for a better system for managing the files...


I'm interested in implementing Workgroup PDM because it's included with SolidWorks Professional and also because my company is not ready to invest in EPDM.


When I called my VAR to ask some questions about the software, he told me that the application was no longer develop and that they have word from SolidWorks corp. to stop pushing this application. My VAR told me they do not give Workgroup PDM courses anymore but they could do something for us if we need it.


My question is:

Should we invest time in implementing Workgroup PDM even if in one year or two the system will no longer exist or be supported?

Is it better to keep working the way we do actually without a PDM system and wait to make the move to EPDM?

Should we start using Workgroup PDM as soon as possible and make the switch to EPDM when the time comes?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts,