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Sketch won't display in Drawing mode

Question asked by Rhys Gardner on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2011 by Andries Koorzen

Hi All,


I have a very frustrating issue with a sketch i want to appear in a drawing view;


Originally when i created the part and inserted it into the drawing page the sketch was displayed.

After a couple of changes the part (not the sketch) now the drawing view won't display it. I select it in the feature manager tree. unhide (which is appear to be in the tree) I've created 2 display states one showing the sketch and one not.


Also the there is only the 1 layer so I'm totally confused.


As i've got lots of dimensions hanging off the the sketch and the part i don;t wanty to have to just 'start again' also i have come up against this in the past asn can't see a way around.


Has anyone seen anything like this?


Any healp would be great!