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Fasteners: Configurations or Stand Alone Files

Question asked by Dustin Biber on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by John Sutherland

Fasteners: Configurations or Stand Alone Files.  I did some searching.  I was surprised there haven't been blog posts or threads with hard data on this topic.  I have typically not participated in this discussion in the past because we had a fairly extensive library of Toolbox based standard hardware... using configurations.  I have the opportunity to overhaul our methodology for a library of metric hardware and am open to the idea of using separate files vs. configurations.  I know the pros and cons as far as switching configs vs. replace... and file management, but I would like some hard data comparisons of large assemblies (or any assembly for that matter) that use configured hardware vs. standalone.  Anyone have some info?  I was hoping for some hard data similar to the discussion about the different options for inserting and mating hardware. Below is a link to a similar (unanswered) thread from 2008.

Configs vs Single files for Assem Performance