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Realview Firepro M5950

Question asked by Jonas Concepcion on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by Charles Culp

I recently took delivery of a shiny new HP 8560W workstation with a newer AMD Firepro M5950 graphics card. Loaded a fresh copy of Solidwork 2011 with service pack 4 and everything seems to be working well with exception that I no longer have Realview a realview button.


Checking support graphics card drivers, The HP laptop is not listed among the choices (probably since it is too new). However there is a dell mobile workstation M4600 which uses the same AMD Firepro M5950 graphics card and is listed as "supports all realview features".


I was wondering if anyone was using either of these two new laptops with the AMD graphics card and can chime in to whether realview was working or not.