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Coordinate System?

Question asked by Keith Howard on Aug 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by Yubo Hu

Hi Gang,


I am curious on the reasoning of the SolidWorks default coordinate system. The way I look at things the coordinate system is a little off from what I a use to, I am trying to get an explanation of how the and why the default coordinate system was created the way it is. The way I have looked at things is when I am looking at a "top view" I am looking straight down on the part. In other words I am in a "Z+" location looking down onto the "X-Y" plane. When I look at a front view I am looking from a "Y-" position looking at the "X-Z" plane.


Please don't take me the wrong way I am not arguing or disagreeing with the way it is setup I just would like a better understanding of how and why this particular system was created.


Thanks for any and all help,

Keith Howard