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EPDM 2011 DWG Preview

Question asked by Eric Martin on Aug 8, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2011 by Jeff Sweeney

I cannot preview any dwg files in the PDM Explorer windows preview pane. It says file checked out by another user even though the files are not checked out.


I have tried the following programs which all will open the files but do not work with preview.


DWG Editor





Also I cannot conver to PDF any DWG files nor do I have the option to print them if I right click on the file. We used to be able to convert them to pdf by right clicking them and sending them to a PDF printer using PDFCreator program. Now the print option is not available in PDM 2011.


Am I missing something? I do see in the code in the Convert Task that it tells it to use Solidworks to convert DWG files to PDF but Solidworks spits it back as unsupported file type. Even with files created with DWG Editor and DraftSight