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    Lena Chan



      Is it possible to have two origin create in a part? If possible, how to go about placing the origin? Thanks!




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          Ajay Dhiman

          Hi ,

          First thing that why you need Two origin in one part? Requirement?


          You can have n number of coordinate system, follow the link below to create this..


          Co ordinate





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            Charles Culp



            In SolidWorks, the origin stays in place. If you need to move the part relative to the origin, use the "move/copy body" command to move the body relative to the origin. Thus you move the body to the origin, not the origin to the body. This feature can be suppressed/unsuppressed as required. And, as Scott mentioned, you can add a coordinate system, but it is not as powerful as other programs. It is useful for exporting to STEP, etc, as you can use that coordinate system for the output.