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    Mapping Configuration Specific Properties

    David Mandl

      I saw this question posted in the Workgroup PDM board, and I thought I'd repost it here.


      It seems like the answer is "no", but I bet there are some creative folks out there with a work-around in mind.


      Can you map configuration-specific properties to variables in PDM?  My company makes use of configurations in a way that really helps reduce the effort required to maintain documentation on our parts.  We have a lot of components where the geometry is identical, but the material is different because we offer our product in several different finishes.  (I go into more detail in the discussion on the Workgroup PDM posting)


      The configuration tabs often pose a weird challenge in that your data cards end up looking a little scatterbrained and unfocused.  It'd be nice to be able to (a) for all variables that are constant between the different finishes, to be able to propagate variables from the Custom tab to the Configuration tabs and (b) to be able to capture configuration-specific data individually, so that we can have accurate information in our configuration tabs to account for variables that vary from one finish to another (such as, for example, stock extrusion part numbers).


      Is there anyone with ideas on that topic?  Because I'm all out of 'em.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          This option will keep variable the same accross all configurations.


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              David Mandl

              *Facepalm*  Well, that certainly solves my issues with the variables in group (a).  Probably should've tried that one.  It is right there in the card editor...


              As for group (b):  I can (and do) use design tables to control all of my configuration specific properties, but those items still show as blanks in the Custom tab when I'm looking at the data card.  I could just bite the bullet and either leave it blank or have people enter the data twice*, but I'd rather do something simple to link it all together.  Maybe if I could include a row for the Custom tab in my design tables, all my problems would be solved.


              *  I'm trying to implement SolidWorks in addition to PDM and DriveWorks all at the same time.  Most people at my company are a little old-school and tend to be content to fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to documentation. I'm paranoid that they'll be more than happy to find excuses to blow off the new system if there are glaring weaknesses, despite the fact that our current "system" has more holes than swiss cheese.

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              Chris Sparber

              I am using solidworks 2012 sp 2.0 and having a similar problem with configuration specific properties mapping to custom properties for check in to the vault.  Where is the menu box located shown in the attached pictures above?  I do not know where to find it.