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Workflow Transition - Education-file detection?

Question asked by Robert White on Aug 5, 2011

Our company has several parts/assemblies/drawings which were created using an education license (When I was a student, I showed the abilities of SW to my employer and now we have a Premium license, unfortunately, I used these files without remaking them in Premium).


I was wondering if there is a way to 'flag' files that have the Education watermark in them during a Workgroup transition (or using Dispatch) so that we know the files that need to be remade in the Premium licensed version. This is assuming that there isn't a way to directly convert them to a regular file.


By 'Flag' I mean something that could be assigned to the custom properties so an EPDM search could bring them up (Yes or No type field); however, we're up for any ideas. We don't have EPDM yet, but will have some time to comb our data before implementation.