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stress concentration

Question asked by Chuanhu Sun on Aug 4, 2011
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recently I encounter an example,and one  the attachments


is the part  used to simulate , the question and requiremnets and  tips  are as follows:


dimensions and load(pressure):A=21mm,B=7mm,D=36mm,(other dimensions unchanged) P=1Mpa;


question:what is the average value  SX of stress concentration area ?(through the whole thickness )unit: Mpa,decimals: two;



      1. if the displacement is small,the result is not related to the chosen material;
      2. apply appropriate mesh style,boundary conditions and mesh parameters setting  ;
      3. you can use symmetrical fixture or create split curve if you like;
      4. mesh element should be fine to get precise result;



I have finished it ,but not sure if I am right (please refer to my finished simulation),if wrong,how can I calculate it ? by the way,my result is 8.77, thanks ! ( note :before simulation,I have converted the solid part to sheet metal)