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EPDM Workflow/Change State question

Question asked by Josh Hunsberger on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by Joy Garon

Ok so we run EPDM for our SW files, and on our drawing title block we have a cell for "state" so if a drawing is printed it will have its state printed with so its know where it is at in the workflow.  Now supposed we have a drawing the is a Rev 0 and in production and we go to rev it to Rev 1. we currently chenge the state of that drawing file only not the other parts assemblies and other drawings that it may automatically check in the change state window.  so if i have an assembly/weldment drawing in which some of the components in the weldment have their own seperate detail drawings, when i change the state of the weldment to change a weld symbol it wants to grab those detail drawings to but they are not changing so we are constantly unchecking 99% of the files, just seems counter productive....what are your thoughts???  please respond with any comments.