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Keep crashing after Upgrade from 2009 standard to 2011 professional on Vista 64

Question asked by Ivan Chu on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by Ivan Chu

Hi all,


The story is, my company have 1 2009 standard using and wanna buy 1 more seat of the Solidworks. As we prefer to have the PDM function, then we choose the 2011 professional.

PC-A using Vista-64 with SW2009 Std SP5.1.   Run with no problem.

New PC-B using WIN7-64 with new install SW2011 Pro SP4.0.   Run Smoothly.


But after we update the PC-A's SW to 2011 Pro SP4.0.


-the Solidworks explorer ---Crash on start

-The Tool Box Config  ---Crash on start [Program icon/  task plane/ menu item]

-on any drawings, once use smart dimension, click confirm[the tick] ---Crash immediately.




Hope I can get some hint to fix it.


Best Regards to all,