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How to change units in document properties with a macro

Question asked by Ferreira Luis on Aug 3, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2011 by Ferreira Luis

Hello to all!


I am faced with a problem that maybe someone can help me in this forum. Currently I'm receiving files from a client that sometimes come in inches and others in mm, as well as others in grams and kilograms. Against this background, when I make a list of materials, as you can imagine, I have absurd results because of different units to come.
I've tried to do through the task scheduler, but this only allows me to update the custom properties or update files not updating or changing the document properties of units in the existing files.

I am obliged to open each file and update with the same units to obtain a  correct list of materials.

I tried to record a macro to open all files one by one in a specific folder and update them, but, I did not realize very much of VBA SolidWorks and the result I got was just to update a single file (what I have used to record macro).

There will be someone who will show me a way to do these updates without opening files one by one?or even send me a macro to use
Thank you in advance for your help.