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    Chain Link

    William Dalpe

      I am trying to simulate a "pull test" for linked chain. I am very new to this type of simulation, that is, anything but structural. I need to pull the chain until failure. Any thoughts on how i would aproach this?

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          Jan Van Leeuwen

          Here's my approach, assumed we talk about a chain with links connected by pins like a motorbike drive chain:

          1. determine the chain link material

          2. find the tensile stress for that material

          3. determine the weakest cross section of the link

          4. multiply 2 and 3 and find the maximum allowable force for the link

          5. determine the pin diameter and pin material

          6. find the maximum allowable shear stress of the pin material

          7. divide the force found at item 4 by the surface area of the pin cross section to find the real shear stress with this force

          8. if this shear stress is higher than the maximum allowable shear stress the pin is the weakest part, if not, the link is the weakest part

          9. the above can be done with hand calculator and material tables

          10 based on item 8 perform a simulation test on the link (pull test) or on the pin only (shear test), as a part, not as an assembly

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              William Dalpe

              I appreciate the indepth reply but the chain is a simple "closed linked" chain. I have attached a zip file for what I have done so far. Maybe you could take a look and let me know if you would have done it differently. There is a study you can look at in the assembly. Any advice woul dbe greatly appreciated but if you can't take a look I understand completley.