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FEA of Assembly With Contact

Question asked by Irving Hu on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by Tim Goddard



I am somewhat new to solidworks simulation.  I have used the FEA software frequently when working with individual parts including creating accurate composite models.  I am currently building a hinge unit that comes consists of a 4 bar linkage that at it's maximum extention comes into contact with a stop.  I am trying to simulate the load on the hinge to determine how much before deformation  occurs.


-I am not sure whether to use a motion study and then the Part FEA tool for analysis or to just do a static study

-The stop moves with the the linkages and has curved geometry so can not be simplified

-As I am writing this I have a static study running and the system seems very challenged in creating a stiffness matrix- 5 hours of run time.


Any suggestions?