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    Thermal Study results no longer recognised as loads?

    Dave Laban



      I'm trying to determine the displacement of a component purely due to thermal conditions (we are having some issues with shrink fits on parts).  In SW2009, I was able to run a thermal study, generate results, then go in to a static study, use the thermal results as an external load and find out the resultant displacement and stresses in the part.


      However, when trying to do the same process in SW2011 (SP4), when running the static study I get an error message stating "No loads are applied to the model."  Is this a known bug with a workaround, an unknown bug or has the feature been removed from the programming but not from the GUI?




      As another issue, thermal (and indeed frequency) studies do not complete properly.  After finishing calculations, the "in progress" box disappears but no results are loaded, and on the tab at the bottom the green symbol is still spinning as if it is still solving. The only way I have found to show meshes is once the "in progress" box disappears, is to disable the Simulation add-in, hit "no" to saving Simulation data, then enable the add-in once more and the results are now present and accessible (though more often than not the mesh data is lost).  Again, is this a known issue, and are there any further workarounds?



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          Cnu Vasu

          Yes, even i am getting the same error when i tried the above

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            Dave Laban

            Turns out the runs not completing properly and inability to use thermal study results was the same problem, with the root cause being graphics card drivers.  I had been updating to run the latest Nvidia drivers, after I had reverted back to the newest supported driver from the normal SW list, the runs complete properly and I am able to use the thermal results as a load in a static simulation.  Hooray!

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                Regis WACHEUX

                I have the same issue. It is new issue. The graphics card is up to date, but the mechanical study still does not recognise the thermal study input.


                As workaroud, once the static study is defined (and does not recognise the thermal study having run), I run the thermal study again, then run the static study and the static study will recognise the thermal study inputs. Strange behaviour.


                Other workaroud is to create (and not run) the thermal study and static study at the same time, then run successively the thermal and static study.


                I would be interested to know if other solution exist, as this issue is time consuming.

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                    Dave Laban

                    I have been in contact with our VAR over the last week and while on the phone we accidentally came up with a fairly quick workaround.


                    Define and run the study in the normal way.  Once the solver window disappears and the study appears to hang, open task manager and look for "dstar.exe" or "hstar.exe" (one is for frequency, one is for thermal - can't remember which is which at the moment).  Click "end process", say okay to the warning message and in theory the results should then display as normal in SW.


                    The results now appear to save in the correct way, meaning they can be successfully used as a load in a static study.


                    Hope that helps!