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Thermal Study results no longer recognised as loads?

Question asked by Dave Laban on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2011 by Dave Laban



I'm trying to determine the displacement of a component purely due to thermal conditions (we are having some issues with shrink fits on parts).  In SW2009, I was able to run a thermal study, generate results, then go in to a static study, use the thermal results as an external load and find out the resultant displacement and stresses in the part.


However, when trying to do the same process in SW2011 (SP4), when running the static study I get an error message stating "No loads are applied to the model."  Is this a known bug with a workaround, an unknown bug or has the feature been removed from the programming but not from the GUI?




As another issue, thermal (and indeed frequency) studies do not complete properly.  After finishing calculations, the "in progress" box disappears but no results are loaded, and on the tab at the bottom the green symbol is still spinning as if it is still solving. The only way I have found to show meshes is once the "in progress" box disappears, is to disable the Simulation add-in, hit "no" to saving Simulation data, then enable the add-in once more and the results are now present and accessible (though more often than not the mesh data is lost).  Again, is this a known issue, and are there any further workarounds?