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Printer Scale Calibration within SW?

Question asked by Danny Sillett on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Danny Sillett

Hey all,


I've got a printer that prints at 99.5% of the actual size, which according to Ricoh tech support and my findings after monkeyin with the printer's menus, can't be resolved on the printer's end of things with a scale calibration of any sort.  The only option they can offer is changing the print zoom size from the printing preferences, which is only available in whole percent increments.  Problem is my prints are right at .5% undersized in both X and Y axes.  If I change the setting to 101%, all of the sudden my prints are too big.


When I need to duplicate shapes, I typically print out the profiles, cut them out, and check them against my parts to ensure I'm not a mile off.


I'd love to keep from having to scale up every profile by 100.5% before I print it to make sure it's right.  That's extra work that I can't afford to, nor should I have to be doing.


Any ideas on any system settings in SW that can be tweaked to get my stuff to print out at 100%?