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Two common problems while using nonlinear analyse

Question asked by Junhong Zhu on Aug 1, 2011

Hi everyone,


As we all know, the calculation of nonliear analyse needs more time and there is a good option in nonlinear analyse, that the simulation can be restarted from the last time point. For example i first run a simulation from 0 to 1 second and break it, and then run it again from 1 to 2 second. The simulation runs without any problem in the first 2 seconds, but when i check the results, there is no data from 1 to 2 second. The frames can be chosen in the last second, however, only the results at the time point 1 second is shown. I am using SolidWorks 2011 sp1 and each model i built has the same problem.


The second problem is, when there are a lot frames (500) after a successful run of the simulation, only the first few frames is shown in the animation and then a window apears "the frames cannot be generated". I can only manually choose each frame to see the results.


Maybe someone knows how to avoid these two problems, Thanks a lot!