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    Importing AutoCad into SolidWorks.  Anyone know?

    Sharon Anderson

      I have recently started a new job where my boss uses autocad and I use solidworks.  Last week he created a model and sent me an iges to import into solidworks which I did.  It now needs to be modified but I can't seem to do it.  First of all it saved it as an assembly so I turned around and saved it as a part but it still won't let me modify it.


      This model looks like a channel, 3 inches high, 3 inches wide and 12 inches long.  I need to reduce it to 2-1/2 high and wide with a small flange at both ends for screws.  I was going to cut a 1/4 inch off thru the top on both sides of the flange.  I did make the cuts but now can't get them back together.  At this point I don't have a clue as to what to do.  I don't even know if I'm bringing the model in right.


      Anyone know anything about doing this?  I can really use your knowledge.


      Thanks, Sharon


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          Patrick O'Hern

          Iges files will only import into Solidworks as a simple block with no features.  Depending on your version of Solidworks, you may have an add-in called Featureworks that will look at an imported model and rebuild it with features.  It can be helpful on some imported items.  For something simple (which your model sounds fairly simple), I would suggest just rebuilding the model yourself, as it would take longer to "fix" the current one than to build a new one.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            You should request a dimensioned print (or at least a sketch or screenshot) if this will be happening often. If only to ensure the correct scale has survived the import process.


            For simple changes the Move face tool can be used to manipulate dumb solids.

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              James Imes

              It depends on what kind of model, basic solid or smart feature based model.  If a feature based model is output from DeskTop as STEP,  you can open in SolidWorks but loose features & get an import1 file & then would have to use feature recognition. Same for other "exports" or save-as from AutoDesk products. If a "solid" is created with AutoCad you'll have very limited success in getting a smart feature based model from import / open routine only.


              If you have the AutoDesk / DeskTop / AutoCad installed on the same box as SolidWorks,  You can open in SolidWorks, set file type to DWG & SolidWorks will use the geometry engine in AutoDesk install to convert & rebuild the model, feature x feature & will bring it in as a smart, feature based model.


              In some instances, scaling will be  an issue as units will some times go metric,  you can set SolidWorks to compensate (somes times) & other times return to DeskTop & scale up x 25.4. Then save it & retry the open with SolidWorks.


              Some features may not come in correctly but on a complex part with a lot of geometry & features I have found it to save some time over complete re-model in SolidWorks.