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Export to DXF & use sheetname as filename (and a bit more)?

Question asked by Paul Kirkland on Jul 31, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2011 by Anna Wood

I have a drawing which contains multiple sheets. Each drawing sheetname is given a sequential number 100.1, 100.2, 100.3, etc. 100 designates that it's part of an assembly where as the .1, .2, .3 etc shows that it's a component in this assembly. Another assembly may start with 200 & each component shown as 200.1, 200.2, etc. The drawing template pulls in the sheetname value & this becomes the drawing number. When I export to DXF I ideally want to pull togther together various parts of information from the drawing to form filenames like this:


J2356 - Modular table - 100.1 - Timber leg

J2356 - Modular table - 100.2 - Timber leg foot
(Job number) - (Project description) - (drawing number) - (part name)


The reason for this is that when a project is handled by someone other than the designer (i.e me) the filenames are easy to understand. A drawing showing an exploded view and a BOM including drawing numbers is issued which is used to pinpoint the correct drawing. The only way I can make this setup happen is by exporting all dxf's and renaming each one individually. When I need to update multiple drawings I then need to export each one at a time rather than using 'export all sheets to seperate files' as it won't overwrite the existing file & instead creates new files. As you can understand this is really time consuming and there's big opportunity to make mistakes!!!


Using the "Export all sheets to separate files" generates filenames in this format:

01_filename.dxf, 02_filename.dxf, 03_filename.dxf, etc

......which is no use to me.


Is it possible to obtain the level of automatic file naming I require? It would save so much time and iron out issuing incorrect drawing, etc!