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    Flow arrows in drawings

    Maximus St. John



      Is it possible to put arrows illustrating water and air flow circuits in Solidworks drawings? I got asked to do this for a cooling tower I designed (second attached file). The first attached file is a picture of the type of arrows I'm talking about. The guy that did that did it in AutoCAD.



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          Jason Corl

          I'm not aware of a defualt functionality for adding arrows to a line at set intervals. However using the sketch tools and layers (if you choose...just makes the colors, line weights etc. more automatic) you can add sketch lines and insert blocks (of the arrow heads) and create this look. See the help file for creating blocks. They can be shaded as well.


          For example you could have a water layer and an air layer. Set the line weight and style in the layer settings. You would have to either change to dashed formats on an individual line basis or set multiple layers for air and water etc.


          Workflow would be: select layer, sketch lines, add arrows (blocks).


          Hope this helps.