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Diameter of the circular pattern of holes doesn't get modeled

Question asked by Eduard Bardaji on Jul 29, 2011
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Hi All,


I have a question with regards to the drawing of the part shown below. When I used the function "Model Items...", I got all the dimensions I wanted except for the diameter of the discontinuous line that goes through the center of the holes. I checked the dimension in the sketch and the option "Mark dimension to be imported into a drawing" is selected. I know I can make a driven dimension, but since it did not appear as the result of calling the "Model Items..." function, I wanted to know if it is because I didn't create the holes in a "proper" manner. Below is also a capture of my property manager with regards to the creation of the pattern of holes.






Sketch3 is the sketch produced while still inside the Hole Wizard to position 1 of the holes and Sketch2 is the sketch of the hole automatically generated by the Wizard. The rest of the holes are produced by the CirPattern1.



The red note in the picture above represents the diameter I would like to be automatically inserted by the function "Model Items...".


Thanks again.