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    CosmosWorks 2008 linear static

    Alexis Seguin

      Hi, I am doing a linear static structural analysis of a simple part.


      In short, it is a rectangular beam with a fixed end. The load is an imposed deplacement. I wish to impose the deplacement on only a fraction of the top surface of the beam.


      I am used to CATIA V5, where you can draw a surface and then use the "seam" tool to assemble the surface to the body of the part. You can then select the surface in the Analysis workbench to apply loads on that specific surface. But I do not know how to replicate this method in SolidWorks.


      Anyone have a method for making a surface selectable for loads in Cosmosworks ?


      I am using SolidWorks and CosmosWorks 2008.


      Thank you,


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          Keith Parker

          Hi Alexis.  You need to make a new face on the surface of your beam by using '/Insert/Curve/Split Line' (think I've got that right) after drawing the shape you want using a sketch.  This sketch can be open or closed, depending on the shape you need (i.e. it could be a line across the width of the beam that splits, say, the top surface in two).  I expect you need a circular area or similar to enable you to apply a load over a specific area as per your post.


          I'm not at a SW PC right now so can't show you an example, so have a look in the help for the Split Line feature.  If you're successful, you'll be able to apply your load to your newly-created face by selecting just that face for your load in COSMOS/Simulation.  There's no need to create a new surface.  There should be a load of topics posted about Split Lines to create new faces.


          Good luck