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Too much overhead specularity on many environments

Question asked by Jonathan Ridley on Jul 28, 2011

I have always been unsatisfied with the amount of default specularity SW PV or PW lighting. Other than turning down the render brightness, which will make other areas too dark, I seem to have to tweak on specific surfaces that are not 90 degrees or parallel to the front face. Any face with only a slight angle past 90 will start to brighten and color shift in an unrealistic way. Can anyone point me in the best direction for adjustment? I would like to have realistic HDR environmental lighting but that should not mean that the highlight areas are 100% white hot, and color shift which they seem to be.


see my example. The orange in the top should extend down behind the price tickets, these items have the same material,decal properties but due to the different angle it shifts the color to yellow.... on the top orange graphic the color is just too hot around the bend ... it just does not look real