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    EPDM BOM Parent Part

    Ron McCarry

      How can I display and/or export to csv the parent component and part number in a EPDM BOM?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Not exactly sure what you are asking...do you mean something like what "Show Selected" does?


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              Ron McCarry

              If I have a assembly with the following part numbers








              When it is exported to csv I want to see the level or parent part number


              Part        Parent

              ----------    ---------


              Comp1    Part1

              Comp2    Part1

              Comp3    Part1

              Sub1       Comp3

              Sub2       Comp3




              Level    Part

              1          Part1

              2          Comp1

              2          Comp1

              2          Comp3

              3          Sub1

              3          Sub2


              When importing into our Assembly order system, only parts required for assembly are needed or wanted. If Comp3 is a fabricated part to be produced though our work order system; Sub1 and Sub2 should NOT be part of the assembly because they are consumed by Comp3. Knowing the level or parent will allow the import function to ignore these parts.

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                  Faur Arama


                  I think there are two methods:

                  1. In csv file, on file name, column in front of every text there are some space characters. There are 2 spaces for each level, for level 3 there are 6 spaces.

                  2. You can create a calculated BOM from your assembly and then apply positions numbers. After that you can export the BOM to a csv file.

                  I hope that helps.

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                      Ron McCarry

                      Both will work, but have problems.


                      1. EPDM exports the spaces, but built-in cvs import functions strip off leading spaces. I would need to open the file as text and parse each line. Note: the export file uses unicode so setup any csv import spec to use unicode.


                      2. Will require the use to remember to turn on position numbers before exporting each bill.


                      PS: I created a calculated bill, how do I delete it?


                      PSS: I wrote an import function in VBA using the API that shows the levels. It has the added benifit of allowing multiple assembly bills to be selected and imported as a unit. The API also allows me to check the assembly status and disallow import of WIP bills.