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Issue with thread representations being exported to other systems

Question asked by Mike Driscoll on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2011 by Anna Wood

We have purchased a seat of SolidWorks 2011 Professional to replace a seat of Creo for mold design.


We currently send out a 3D database to be manufactured with added features that go beyond the moldbase standards. Sometimes there are tapped holes that are blind and/or thru.


With the existing options in SolidWorks there are problems:

  • Tap drill diameter - no thread representation
  • Cosmetic thread - only shows in SolidWorks
  • Remove thread - c'drill style cut for thread representation



We need a thread representation to be exported so that the manufacturer knows what needs to be done for that hole.

  • Tap drill diameter - useless
  • Cosmetic thread - useless
  • Remove thread - OK for blind, useless for thru


We send out 3D databases to save time/money (no need for 2D drawings).


Example: Creo uses a surface to represent the thread and when exporting it goes with it into what ever system the manufacturer is using. That way they know what holes are threaded.


Is there something I'm missing in the settings in SolidWorks?


Does anybody know of a work around?