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Save As Copy - recent changes since update to sp4.0?

Question asked by Mike Roberts on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by Scott McFadden

Just come across something today


Previously if we wanted to make a copy of an assembly (say AssemA containing PartA) & give it another name (AssemB containing PartB)  we would go through this process:

Open AssemA,

Use File > Save As & call it AssemB in the file name box

click the Save As copy box

Click on References button

then type in the new part name (replace PartA with PartB) - ensuring the text changes green

Then click on Save All


This created a copy called AssemB, but AssemA remained active



Now when we go through this process a copy is created but the copied assemblyB becomes active & AssemA closes.

In the Save As with References dialogue box, if I click Save all as copy (opened documents remain unaffected) then AssemA remains active like I want it to.

This isnt the default setting though & We have to remember to check this box each time


Im sure this change has come about only since we updated to 2011 x64 sp4.0

Is there a setting that I  change to make this the default setting as were used to the original document being active