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General Tabel Properties

Question asked by Dragos Teodorascu on Jul 28, 2011

Hello everyone,


I have a part made with Cut-List and because the Weldment Cut List in the drawing numbers the positions as they were done in the part (so the items have no meaning when they are arranged) I am making the part list as a general table and write in it manually. This is ok until I have to put in the weights.

I can put in field of each item "SW-Mass@@@Cut-List-Item1@XXX.SLDPRT" and have the weight updated but this is time consuming.


Is there another way or command i can put in the drawing or part properties to have the fields added automatically? Something like: to put the property name Weight and in the general table where the Weight column is the weight to be added for each cut-list-item.


If I haven't explain the situation correctly please let me know and i will try to be more explicit.


Manny thanks in advance.