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Intel HD Graphics SW11

Question asked by Ghj Ghj on Jul 27, 2011

Hello im using sometimes my laptop ( e6510 i5 6gb )  as secondary machine and just playin around in SW making some simple changes and simple fast assemblies.
BUT im having big problems with performance in sketch mode which is totaly not possible to use.


this problem occurs only in sketch mode ( most of all ) and if i have software open GL  NOT on so it pretty much indicates a graphic card problem or driver problem.
I mean - i know HD graphics is shitty hardware for SW11 but for fuck sake i just want to draw a line without super lagg chopping


if im in view/rotate mode or making operaiton it works kind of good i mean i can roatet a large assembly zoom in out fast


So if anyone has a possibility to just check your laptop with HD graphics( i5 i7 etc)  in SW i would be really glad to hear if u have or dont have similar problems