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Question asked by Brian Dalton on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by Wayne Matus

I suspect this would require an add-in, but I'll ask in the hopes that there is some other (less complicated) solution.


We have some older legacy files in which there is information in the Properties that is located on the Custom tab of the Summary Information dialog.  For better compatibility with EPDM I would like that information to be moved to the Configuration Specific/Default tab instead.


So, what I hope to find is a way to automate the process of:


  1. Identifying if a file has its properties listed on the Custom tab.
  2. If so, create the identical property fields on the Configuration Specific/Default tab.
  3. Then copy the data from the fields on the Custom tab to the new ones on the Configuration Specific/Default tab.
  4. Delete the property fields from the Custom tab.


If this could all be done automatically for each file when it is first added to the vault, I could say goodbye to this issue forever (my templates will ensure that all future parts and assemblies have the data fields in the right place.)


As I said, this will almost surely require an add-in to be written.  If that's the case, could some kind API guru point me to the appropriate API funtions to look at for this kind of task?