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    Undo Button doubleclick

    Ed Burris

      Just an information question... I was modeling in an assembly, realized I didn't like the design, so I was using the "Undo" button to go back about 6 steps or so.  I was clicking fairly fast, and when I hit the second click everything I'd done that session was undone.  Didn't cause a problem (actually kinda nice... the model danced around the screen in the reverse of the view rotations, the parts danced to the inserted positions... very Disney), but I'm wondering if Windows recognized it as a double-click.  If you double-click the Undo, does it undo back to the beginning of the session??

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          Wayne Tiffany

          I just tried it and I do not see anything that resembles that.  I started a new part, did a bunch of stuff and then tried double-clicking on the go-back arrow.  It always took it as a single click and only went one step.


          Now, one thing to keep in mind, and I know this is not exactly what you described, but maybe.  When you add mates, as long as the mate dialog is open, that's considered one step.  So if you had dropped in a bunch of parts and then mated them all within one mates session, then once you hit that step in your undo sequence, you would see all the parts dance back to their original positions.  Possible?