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Change of licence, from SNL to single-user

Question asked by Alexis Seguin on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by Jeff Holliday



I recently moved a computer from a secondary office to the main office, resulting a server change. Our Solidworks works on a SNL licence, which I no longer require, since there is only one computer in the main office that will use it. We are using Solidworks 2008.


At the moment, when I try to launch Solidworks 2008, I get the following error message (In french) :


"N'a pas pu obtenir de licence pour SolidWorks.


Le noeud de serveur est hors service ou ne répond pas.

(-96, 7, 11001)"


From what I've read, it is a licence error.


Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem ? Should I change my licence type with SolidWorks, or is it unnecessary ?


Thank you,