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Intel Sandy Bridge - Motion test request

Question asked by Vio Vivio on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by Vio Vivio

Motion  studies and multicore  CPU’s aren’t friends. It’s a sad situation.

So I’m  hoping that Sandy bridge CPU architecture will be more powerful on single  threaded applications also, not only in multithreaded ones.



I wonder how fast is a i5 2005/2006 in motion studies and if it is worth buying sooner than several months.


If there  are users of Solidworks 2010 with sandy bridge CPUs like i5 2500/2600 please run  the simulation provided in the assembly and specify the time needed to finish  the simulation.



The simulation  includes a 3D contact (the material selected was RUBBER - DRY) and  gravitational  forces. The simulation options are the default, but with “USE  PRECISE CONTACT” activated.


On a Intel E6420 (stock frequency) I got 1minute 37 seconds for a 2second simulation.





Thanks in advance!